4 Ways to Change Your Life by Helping Others

If you are looking for a lifestyle change, there are many ways to go about it. Those changes often involve things like more self-care, making changes in your physical environment or identifying and working toward your goals. However, one of the biggest lifestyle changes you could make is a shift in which you do more to benefit others and make the world a better place. This can be profoundly life affirming, and below are four ways to do it.

Give Financial Help

If you have the financial means to do so, there are many ways you could help people financially, from donating to causes you believe in to helping out individuals in your immediate circle. The latter must be done carefully, and not everyone will appreciate the offer of help, but there are many ways to make a difference. One significant way might be to cosign on a relative or family friend’s private student loan. You need to know the student well enough that you believe they will pay the loan back and be prepared to pay it yourself if necessary, but this is an act that could make the difference that allows them to go to college.

Everyday Appreciation

How many people each day do you encounter who make your life better? From bus drivers to wait staff and receptionists to store clerks, when you start to add it up, you may be surprised. On top of that, there are the people whose small kindnesses throughout the day may help you out, such as a coworker who picks up an extra coffee for you. Try really focusing on expressing your gratitude to these people in a sincere way.


There are few organizations that couldn’t use another pair of helping hands, whether that means sorting through donations, serving food or helping to build homes. New immigrants may need English lessons while older people could benefit from regular home visits. If you have a particular skill that is in demand, such as medicine or law, you might be especially valuable, but nearly everyone can find a volunteer gig that suits them and makes the world better for other people as well. If you’d rather not work with people, there are always trees that need planting and animals that need rescuing.

Remember Your Loved Ones

There is a certain type of helping personality that is very good at doing things for clients, customers and nearly anyone else in need except their nearest and dearest. If you have been neglecting your family and friends, now is the time to correct that. Maybe that means making an effort to text your siblings more often, or perhaps you need to make a big change in your household routine so that you are spending more time with your children or taking some of the domestic burden off your spouse. It can be all too easy to take your loved ones for granted and assume that they know how you feel about them, but they can’t unless you show it. This is especially true if you are neglecting them while helping others.

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