4 Tips for a Perfect Animated Explainer Video Production

Marketing includes a lot of instructional films. People lose the patience to read lengthy blocks of material when their concentration wanes. Many individuals prefer to watch movies rather than read long essays. Simply said, video is the content marketing medium of the future.

Are you still not convinced?

Take a look at the results of The State of Video Marketing 2020:

  • Short videos are preferred by 66 percent of consumers to learn about a product or service.
  • After seeing a sponsored film, 84 percent of consumers indicated they were convinced to buy a service or
  • It’s time to learn about video marketing if you haven’t already. Videos can help you raise brand awareness, exposure, and sales. They can also assist you in engaging your audience.

Are you stumped as to which videos to make?

Here’s a hint: make instructional videos.

These are the most commonly made videos, according to the data cited above. Furthermore, 96% of customers stated they viewed a training video to learn more about a product or service.

Consider the explainer film to be a new business or brand. A firm can describe a certain product or service in depth via an instructional video.

Additionally, organizations may utilize instructional films to convey how they can assist their audience in addressing pain areas. Organizations may utilize animated explainer video to express their corporate values, objective, and ambitions.

Training films may be utilized for a variety of objectives, including training, recruiting, internal communication, and marketing.

Tips for Producing a Powerful Instructional Video

Do you want to create a fantastic film that explains your company?

Here are a few pointers to help you with your video production:

  1. Make use of the appropriate tools

It’s critical to equip yourself with the appropriate equipment before you begin shooting video. This can have a significant impact.

You can make interesting lesson films with video creation programs like mysimpleshow, Powtoon, Adobe Spark, and others. These tools can help you make professional-looking movies quickly, even if you’re a newbie.

Do you require expert assistance?

Using the instructional videos, you can easily outsource this task. They can assist you in explaining more complicated issues in a clear, entertaining, and understandable manner.

  1. Write a script that is brief and to-the-point.

The key to getting your point through is a well-written video screenplay. Please keep in mind that your explainer video script should be concise. You should aim to create information that can be consumed in 90 seconds or less.

Use basic words and a conversational tone to convey your point. You may not be able to capture your audience’s attention if you utilize complicated phrases or technical jargon.

So, what exactly should you include in your video script?

There is a tried-and-true formula you can use:

  • Begin by introducing your goods or business.
  • Then talk about the major issue that your audience is having.
  • Then demonstrate how your product or service can address the issue.
  • Make a strong call to action at the end of your video.
  1. 3. Emphasize the advantages to your target audience.

In your video, do not list the characteristics of your product. Your customers may put them to the test on your product or website.

Instead, concentrate on emphasizing your unique selling proposition. Describe how your product or service will make your audience’s life simpler.

You undoubtedly have a lot of rivals in your sector, no matter what business you’re in.

So, what distinguishes your product or service from others?

Why should clients pick you above your rivals?

In the explanation videos, you must answer these questions.

  1. 4. Pay attention to the sound quality.

For a successful animated explainer video, high-quality audio is required. Remember to include a professional voice-over in your video.

Make sure the voiceover is recorded at a suitable speed as well. Your listeners may overlook vital information if the talk moves too quickly.

You may also use background music to help establish the mood for your video. Just make sure the narration doesn’t take over the scene.

You now have all of the components necessary to make a fantastic explanation video. You can also read more about blockchain animation.


Explainer videos can help you attract new consumers by demonstrating how to use your products and services.

They may not only help you raise brand recognition, but they can also help you boost your internet exposure. You may anticipate higher quality leads if you do it correctly.

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