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4 Find 5 Vacancy Seats on Phoenix Building Board of Education – Daily Local

The Phoenix Building Regional Board of Education race will open four wide seats for five candidates to see. There is only one incumbent.

Three candidates, Caitlin Carminito, Scott Overland, and incumbent Susan Turner, will win both Republican and Democratic ballots in the spring primary and will appear on both.

Victoria Walker occupies the fourth Democratic slot on the ballot, and Emily Shanley occupies the fourth Republican line.

Only Overland and Carminito responded to Mercury’s online candidate survey.

Scott Overland

Scott Overland (submitted photo)

37-year-old Overland lives on Iron Works Road in Phoenixville.

He works in the media and holds a bachelor’s degree from Muhlenberg College and a law degree from American University.

Although he has never held an elected public office, he served as a communications staff member of the US Senate from 2006 to 2010 and the US House of Representatives from 2013 to 2015.

In his response, Overland wrote: “Education is the only asset that can never be robbed of you once it is achieved. We believe that every student has an obligation to access quality public education to prepare for lifelong success. I strive to achieve this goal for all students, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they want to achieve. “

Given one of the board’s guaranteed achievements, Overland chose: “We want to create an environment where transparency and dialogue with the community are prioritized, communication from the board is clear and consistent, and community members can be confident that the board has politics aside. Make decisions in the best interests of the student. “

Caitlin Carminito

Caitlyn Carminito (submitted photo)

35-year-old Carminito lives and works as a teacher in Phoenix Building.

She has a master’s degree in education and has never held an elected public office.

In her reply, Carminito wrote: “Because we believe that public education is an integral part of our community, I decided to run for the school board. As a public school teacher, I am a strong student-focused teacher. Recognizing the importance of having a school board. I want to bring my knowledge and passion for my school to the community. Schools by providing the best environment for students to learn and grow. I would like to support the continued growth of the PASD School. I would like to participate in making the PASD School the place where people want to be. “

Carminito chose to “see every child succeed” in light of one guaranteed outcome in the office. Individual students in the Phoenixville Area School District are supported by their needs and unique talents. As a school board, we plan the success of all learners, set policies to support progress, supervise budgets that provide resources to all students, and provide ongoing analysis of district plans. I can. “

4 Find 5 Vacancy Seats on Phoenix Building Board of Education – Daily Local

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