4 dead, 7 hospitalized

4 people have died and 7 have been hospitalized The latest episode of contaminated opioids hitting Berks CountyUsing reading as the focus of medical calls.

Calls to people with cardiac arrest or loss of consciousness began on Saturday morning, continued into the night, and gradually diminished at the beginning of Sunday. After dawn on Sunday, there were two calls in Reading.

City medical personnel used Narkan to revive many people late Saturday, including a man who had been lying in the parking space of Pendra Park for a long time.

Debra Detweiler, assistant coroner, said clerical staff responded to three deaths in the residence and a fourth in the emergency department of Reading Hospital.

Reading Hospital said: “Since Saturday morning, April 9, team members from the Emergency Department of Reading Hospital have provided life-saving treatment to 16 patients who came to the hospital with symptoms of overdose due to a combination of heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine. , 7 individuals remain in the company requiring hospitalization or observational care. “

“We may also have an autopsy,” said Detweiler, who has been ordered to have a toxicological test.

If criminal charges are involved, an autopsy will be ordered.

Deteiler also noticed a decline in drug 911 dispatches as Sunday progressed.

“We want the crisis to pass us,” she said.

Reading police warned of continued overdose on Saturday afternoon.

The city is urging anyone with information related to the episode to call the police at 610-655-6116.

Read a further statement from the hospital: “If you or your loved one is experiencing symptoms of overdose, call 9-1-1 immediately to start treatment. A team member of the emergency department. Is ready to provide safe and confidential treatment.

“Reading Hospital’s” Warm Handoff “program can connect individuals who come to the emergency department of a hospital suffering from addiction or overdose with a recovery support specialist who can arrange for detoxification and participation in drug and alcohol treatment programs. The road to recovery. “

District Attorney John T. Adams has not yet accepted comments.

The latest contaminated opioids A more serious episode of September that hospitalized 101 people over the weekend and led to criminal accusations..

Adams issued a public health alert on September 13 in response to an overdose rash.

4 dead, 7 hospitalized

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