3,761 new COVID cases reported, April 18, 2021 234 in our central region |

Harrisburg, PA () — Pennsylvania Health Department Since yesterday, 3,761 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified, bringing the state’s total to 1,107,377 known cases since the start of the pandemic.

Since Saturday, the Pennsylvania Death Registry has confirmed 27 new deaths, resulting in a total of 25,688 deaths due to COVID-19.

There are 2,638 individuals hospitalized with COVID-19. Of that number, 551 patients are in the COVID-19 intensive care unit. Most hospitalized patients are 65 years or older, and most deaths occur in patients 65 years or older.

The state-wide positive rate for the week from April 2nd to April 8th was 9.5%.

It is estimated that 89% of Pennsylvania cases have recovered from COVID-19.

The state reports that more than 6.9 million doses of the vaccine have been given. You can see the numbers below on this page.

There are 4,288,381 individuals who have been negative so far.

In our central region, there have been 234 new cases since Saturday. This results in a total of 70,974 known COVID-19 cases.

The breakdown of the county is as follows.

Total number of COVID-19-related deaths by county:

BEDFORD: 131 (+0)
Blair: 318 (+1)
Cambria: 412 (+0)
Cameron: 7 (+0)
Center: 215 (+0)
Clear field: 133 (+0)
ELK: 38 (+0)
Huntingdon: 128 (+0)
Jefferson: 94 (+0)
Somerset: 193 (+0)

New local death: 1

Distribution of COVID-19 vaccine

Hospitals in Pennsylvania began shipping the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in the week of December 14th and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in the week of December 21st. The Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine was first assigned to Pennsylvania. The week of March 1st, and the Commonwealth is using it for special initiatives, including educators. Pennsylvania vaccination counts do not include Philadelphia, its own jurisdiction, or federal facilities that work directly with the federal government.

Vaccine highlights

  • According to the CDC, as of Friday morning, April 16, Pennsylvania had the first dose of vaccine to 42% of the eligible population, ranking the state in 10th Among all 50 states for the first dose administered by the proportion of the population.
  • According to the CDC, as of Friday morning, April 16th, Pennsylvania was ranked Within all 50 states of the total dose administered.
  • Vaccine providers have been vaccinated a total of 6,999,716 times as of Saturday, April 17th.
  • 2,694,321 people have been fully vaccinated. On a 7-day moving average, more than 100,401 people are vaccinated per day.
  • 1,879,115 people are partially vaccinated. In other words, I was vaccinated once with two doses of vaccine.
  • 4573,436 people are receiving at least the first dose.
  • A total of 7,180,370 doses will be allocated this week by April 17th.
    • This week you will be assigned 296,620 first / single doses.
    • This week we will be assigned 303,110 doses.
  • To date, a total of 6,999,716 doses have been administered by April 17.
    • First / single dose: 4,573,436 doses
    • Second dose: 2,426,280 doses

Wearing a mask is necessary for all businesses and whenever you leave the house. Consistent mask wear is important to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

There are 144,210 people who test positive for viral antigens and are considered possible cases, and 639 people who test positive for serology and have either COVID-19 symptoms or high-risk exposure.

3,761 new COVID cases reported, April 18, 2021 234 in our central region |

Source link 3,761 new COVID cases reported, April 18, 2021 234 in our central region |

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