3 Reasons why Sports Betting in India is Growing Rapidly

Sports betting is among the most social trends in the betting market in India and one of India’s fastest-growing industries. In 2019, the total gambling market in India was estimated to be worth $12.5 billion, and it is expected to grow so much in the next decade since there is a rise in interest from Indians towards the sports betting market.

Besides, sports betting has long been an integral part of Indian culture, and in recent years, sports betting in India has grown in popularity. Indians have access to a wide variety of sports betting sites online, but determining which is the best to play is the most common challenge for most betters. Let’s go directly to the three main reasons sports betting in India is growing rapidly.

3 Main Reasons why Sports Betting in India is Growing Rapidly

Despite sports betting legalization disputes, the Indian sports betting industry is multibillion-dollar. Even though there is already much controversy about whether online sports betting is legal in India, the sector is increasing in popularity among Indians. Continue reading to learn about three main reasons sports betting is gaining popularity in India.

1.   Sports betting is becoming popular due to the popularity of Football and Cricket

Football and cricket games are two of India’s most popular sports. The popularity of these two sports among Indians has helped the country’s online sports betting industry. Cricket and football fans account for the majority of online bettors. Besides, Indian bettors believe betting on Indian games is one way of supporting their local games.

As a result, the majority of online betting sites that meet the needs of Indians concentrate on the football and cricket markets. That being said, it’s always recommended to choose the bookies with the highest ratings. However, it is uncertain if the sports betting industry would operate in the absence of football and cricket, but even if it did, it would be much less prevalent than it is now.

2.   The use of Phone for Sport Betting

The growth of online sports betting in India since 2020 is because most citizens spend one-third of their waking hours on their mobile phones. Numerous sports betting sites offer smartphone-friendly apps or websites that appeal to a broad range of people, encouraging the rapid betting rate.

Indians spend significantly more time on mobile devices than on computers and laptops. Moreover, the smartphone price is relatively fair in India, giving the majority of Indians accessibility to a smartphone, thus enabling Indian citizens to possess a smartphone. This is undoubtedly one of the primary reasons for online sports betting’s explosive growth in India.

3.   Indians believe the sports betting soon will be more legalize

Despite the illegalization of betting in most of India, online sports betting is legalized. Therefore, most Indians who are sports betters utilize the online betting opportunity. The online betting rate is constantly increasing.

Besides, the legalization of online sports betting places like Meghalaya and Sikkim has played an enormous role in promoting the rapid growth of sports betting in India. Similarly, some Indians operate their sites outside the country to be considered legal. The rapid growth of sports bettors in India has likely been impacted by the legalization of online sports betting.


Despite most of India’s sports betting being illegal, expecting horse races betting, there is still a rapid growth in sports betting among Indians. The three factors impacting sports betting in India to grow rapidly are the use of a smartphone for sports betting, football, and cricket game popularity. Indians still hold on to the hope that sports betting will soon become fully legalized.

Besides, sports betting is a part of Indian culture. Many people are trying to embrace the culture, causing sports betting growth. Therefore, to be part of Indian betters, consider betting appropriately to avoid the forthcoming betting consequences, such as sports betting addiction.

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