$260,000 for Medical Employment in Clearfield County Elk

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – Rep. Mike Armanini (Rep. Clearfield/Elk) and Dallas Keffert (Rep. Clearfield/Cambria) say the grant will have a positive impact on health care jobs in the county. announced to give

North Central PA’s Workforce Solutions, which serves six counties including Elk and Clearfield, has been awarded a $260,000 grant as part of the Nursing Pathway Apprenticeship Industry Partnership for North Central PA program.

This funding will be used to target individuals in low- and middle-income communities, providing opportunities at competitive wages.

“Pennsylvania had a shortage of health care workers before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and that only exacerbated the situation,” Armanini said. “Unfortunately we are seeing the medical sector struggle to fill front-line positions and hopefully this will change its trajectory.”

“It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been adversely affected in some way by staffing shortages in the health care sector,” added Keffert. This grant is a welcome tool to improve the healthcare infrastructure on which all Pennsylvanians, especially those in rural areas, rely heavily.”

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North Central Pennsylvania’s workforce solutions are designed to meet the changing needs of local employers, providing job seekers with resources that maximize their career potential and focus on customer needs. $260,000 for Medical Employment in Clearfield County Elk

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