25 Opposition to Proposed Animal Ordinance Amendments | Status

WELLSBORO — Residents here wondered if the Wellsboro Autonomous Region Council ordinance for raising chickens was about birds or homosexual couples who wanted them.

“When I see this … I’m thinking of moving here … When I think about what it looks like to outsiders … If they see this and legislate it through hatred to be a same-sex couple What if you see it? “said Lilas Guignard. “I know it’s not publicly said, but it looks. I think it’s better than this, and take that into account.”

About 25 people attended the June 14 meeting of the Wellsboro Autonomous Region Parliament and opposed the amendment to the Animal Breeding Ordinance. Before public comments began, the council agreed to submit the proposed amendments, which councilor Mike Wood opposed. The reason, according to Council Chair Craig West, is to give the Board time to review and make corrections to the comments.

The ordinance currently allows up to 3 cows, horses, sheep and llamas on 10 acres and 4 on 15 acres. The amended ordinance allows up to the same number of goats and alpaca on 10 acres, and up to 3 bee hives and 4 chickens, ducks, or geese on 5 acres and above.

Anna Wales, who has been trying to keep chickens on an acre of land for the past year with her spouse Raquel Rogers, said the proposed change, approved in May, “feels like a real slap.” Said. In addition to a $ 3,000 fine, if a bird is taken away after a lawsuit incurred to raise a bird in violation of the ordinance, the fine will be exempted and the ordinance will allow chickens to be kept. I was told that it would be rewritten. ..

Instead, the council appeared to have “cut and pasted some facts and scrambled them together” to allow chickens, bees, alpaca, and goats, Wales said.

Veterinarian Christine Shaw said she tried to keep the chickens in the autonomous region, but took them away after receiving a letter of violation of the ordinance. As a resident of the Autonomous Region, she understands that it has restrictions, but “If you want to live the life I imagine, the chicken that makes me think I have to leave the Autonomous Region is absolutely I don’t. “

Many residents have made the exception of the requirement to own 5 acres of land to own chickens.

“Five acres are quite off for five chickens,” said Sumitchell. “When I went online, I found that I needed 8-10 square feet per chicken. I don’t know how it relates to 5 acres, but it seems to be much smaller. “

Thomas Putnam, who lives outside the autonomous region, said that the autonomous region needs to deal with the situation of each animal on a case-by-case basis.

“If someone really abuses the privilege of keeping animals in the backyard, we can deal with that situation,” Putnam said.

Others have said that raising small livestock and raising their own food is a national trend and is environmentally beneficial and educational for children.

“I have a picture of every member of the council wanting to rethink what they want to do for their neighbors just by looking at it, but I don’t want to do this,” Patty Kramer said. Stated.

When the council amends the ordinance, it will promote the ordinance for 30 days for public comments before final adoption.

Also at a special meeting, the council voted 5 to 1 with Wood and again opposed amending the burning ordinance to allow the flag to be burned as a licensed public demonstration.

25 Opposition to Proposed Animal Ordinance Amendments | Status

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