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Sioux Center, Iowa (AP) — A surprising new revelation about former President Donald Trump’s fight to overturn the 2020 elections is growing politics, just as he turns to another presidential election. Revealed vulnerabilities.

This week, a former White House aide explained that when Trump came to power on January 6, 2021, he was a leader unrelated to the safety of elected officials from either party. Some legal experts say prosecutors could prosecute Trump for crimes.

Republican voters — and will be Trump’s rival in the 2024 presidential election — were noted.

Here in Iowa, the state is set to host its first presidential nomination contest in about 18 months, with several voters opening their doors to another presidential candidate on Thursday, even if Trump runs again. I showed that. At the same time, some conservative media have announced the bitter criticism of the former president. Aides to Republican presidential candidates also publicly and privately showed that they felt more and more bold to challenge Trump in 2024, following explosive new testimony.

Trump’s UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, attracted about 350 conservative activists to a parliamentary-funded barbecue in Sue County on Thursday, and Trump won 82% of the votes in 2020.

And there was ample evidence of Trump’s malaise. Interviews with more than a dozen attendees revealed that even if Trump participated in the vote, he was keenly interested in the 2024 alternative.

“It will be difficult to find people in this area who support the idea that people aren’t looking for someone else,” said shipping company owner Dave Van Wyck. “Estimating that the conservative America is 100% behind Donald Trump is simply not.”

For some Republican voters, that was even before this week’s amazing new testimony.

Former White House staff Cassidy Hutchinson said on Tuesday, the degree of Trump’s anger in his last few weeks, his perception that some supporters brought weapons to the city on January 6, and The Houses of Parliament provided previously unknown details about his ambivalence when the riots were later besieged.

Annoyed by the size of the crowd at his “Stop the Steal” rally — many supporters avoided entry because they were armed and didn’t want to go through the metal detector — Trump said: They have weapons. They aren’t here to hurt me, “Hutchinson says. She recalled that Trump grabbed the handle of the president’s car and went to the Capitol to hear about another incident after a rally trying to join his supporters.

The details caused some repulsion. The agent and another employee who were allegedly driving the vehicle were ready to testify under the oath that Trump never plunged into the wheel.

But new concerns were clear,

The conservative Washington Examiner editorial board said Hutchinson’s testimony “should ring the bell of death” for Trump’s political career. “Trump is unfit to be near power again.”

The often Trump-friendly New York Post has blown up the headline “Tyrant Trump.” And the Wall Street Journal’s conservative editorial page writes: “A new wild testimony arrives when Donald Trump’s behavior after the 2020 defeat seems unlikely to worsen.” ..

Indeed, conservatives have repeatedly shared serious concerns about Trump in recent years. And in each case, the former president was almost unharmed and sometimes appeared stronger. He was caught up in a video boasting about sexual assault. He instigated a violent attack on the Capitol. And he was impeached twice.

Still, Trump has over $ 101 million in election funding and is very popular with many Republican voters. As there are no questions, Republican candidates from Arizona to Pennsylvania to Georgia are fighting each other this midseason for his support.

“Americans are hungry for his leadership,” said Trump spokesman Taylor Glitch, citing Trump’s strong support record and successful funding. “And President Trump is in a stronger position than ever, as another witch hunt has been blown into the face of Democrats.”

But even before this week’s revelations, a new study from the Associated Press-NORC Public Relations Center found that 48% of U.S. adults were criminalized by Trump for his role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Should be prosecuted in.

Trump’s view of criminal liability collapses as expected, in line with party policy, stating that 86% of Democrats and 10% of Republicans should prosecute Trump. Still, the fact that almost half of the country believes he should be prosecuted is noteworthy to the former president, pointing out the difficulties he may face if he runs again at the White House. It is a position.

Trump reported raising a total of about $ 9 million in March and April. May and June figures were not yet available, but former White House Chief of Staff said his funding remained strong.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he had heard from donors and voters as well about Trump’s concerns before this week’s testimony for the 2024 presidential election.

“People are worried that we could lose the 24-year election and want to avoid appointing someone with a serious flaw,” Christie said.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who is also considering an election in 2024, will beat Trump in the GOP primary, even if Republican voters aren’t paying close attention to parliamentary hearings. He said he thinks he can.

“His approval in the Republican primary has already declined somewhat,” Hogan said in an interview. “Trump was the least popular president in American history until Joe Biden.”

Other Republican presidential aides personally said this week that Trump may be an overwhelming favorite to win the next Republican nomination, but his position with Republican voters is steadily They believe it is declining. There was broad, or at least hope, that Hutchinson’s testimony would accelerate its decline between voters and donors in a way that would open up opportunities for others.

Mark Short, another senior adviser to former Vice President Mike Pence, perhaps a 2024 presidential candidate, was frank when asked about Trump’s political strength.

“Republican activists believed that Donald Trump was the only candidate who could beat Hillary,” Short said. “Now the dynamics are reversed. He is the only one who lost to Joe Biden.”

Indeed, Trump’s Republican candidate competitors are leaning.

Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who belongs to the committee on January 6 and has not ruled out the 2024 presidential election, sent Trump to American democracy in a Wednesday night speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Thrown as a direct threat to.

“Republicans can’t be loyal to Donald Trump or pledge allegiance to the Constitution. We have to choose,” she said.

Haley, who said she wouldn’t ask for a Republican nomination in 2024 if Trump ran, refused to say Thursday whether the testimony gave her a reason to reconsider the plan. Instead, she made a bright sound.

“If I think I have a place next year, I’ve never lost a race. I’m not going to start now,” Haley told reporters. “I put in 1,000% and finish it. And if there is no place for me, I will fight for this country until the last breath.”

Peasant Bob de Corning said he continues to devote himself to Trump. He will support him at the Iowa Caucus, no matter who runs.

But his wife, Kathy de Corning, said, “We can do better.”

“I don’t know if he can choose anymore,” she said.


People reported from New York. New York Associated Press author Jill Corbin contributed to this report.


Earlier versions of this story were falsely reported to have seen a dramatic drop in Trump funding over the past two months.

2024 Trump Vulnerability Mounted After New Testimony – Daily Local

Source link 2024 Trump Vulnerability Mounted After New Testimony – Daily Local

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