$ 20,000 Pa to create a more walkable city.Read to use the grant

Reading received a $ 20,000 state subsidy to develop a more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly city.

Governor Tom Wolf’s administration announced on Tuesday that it would receive a total of $ 160,000 in WalkWorks grants from 10 municipalities to help them develop aggressive transportation plans and policies to increase physical activity. ..

Reading will use this money to develop an aggressive transportation plan focused on connecting more people to downtown.

“The city’s vision is to improve the conditions for walking and biking along some major corridors, and to increase access to trail connections and recreational opportunities, a vibrant center. Is to make, “said city planner Naomi Klim. “The Active Transportation Plan focuses on improving people’s connections to downtown Reading and serves as a starting point for future planning and policy for the city as a whole.”

Grant recipients will work with professional transportation and community planners next year to collect data, assess current conditions and needs, and incorporate public opinion into transportation planning. Is expected.

Samantha Pearson, Healthy Community Program Manager and Walkworks Program Coordinator at the Downtown Pennsylvania Center, said:

“Our way of life is a product of our place of residence,” Pearson said. “We are now aware that the design of many of the places we have built has unintended consequences and is detrimental to the health of individuals and communities. For many years, planners and urban designers have been We have seen public spaces in terms of shape, function and aesthetics. Economic developers have promoted the vitalization of the local economy. Medical workers all improve the health of the community with separate silos. But we can all work together-and should-. Our collaboration is for healthier people, more resilient communities, stronger local economies. May lead to. “

$ 20,000 Pa to create a more walkable city.Read to use the grant

Source link $ 20,000 Pa to create a more walkable city.Read to use the grant

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