200 props stolen from the crown | Celebrities

Jewels and antiques worth more than £ 150,000 were stolen from The Crown’s set.

More than 200 items, including candela bras, jewelery, hall clocks, silverware, dome-shaped bird cages, and expensive replicas of Russian Faberge Eggs purchased by Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather George V, were on sale last Wednesday (16.02. It was shot all night in the final of 22). The week of shooting the fifth season of Netflix’s majestic drama.

One source told The Sun:

“The producers have taken great care in every detail and every item has been carefully selected. Losing a lot is just a pain.”

The show’s boss is said to be “dissatisfied” with the theft and desperately trying to procure new props.

The insider said:

“Producers are desperately trying to find an alternative, but given that so many were unique, it’s not easy.”

However, it is unlikely that the incident will delay the shooting of the show.

A Netflix spokesman said, “A replacement will be found and shooting will not be postponed.”

Antique stores are being asked to be careful of stolen goods.

Police confirmed that they were investigating the theft.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: The officer investigated. “

In December, filming of the show was interrupted early in Christmas after “at least eight” crew members tested positive for COVID-19.

A spokesperson for the streaming service confirmed at the time that “The Crown finished filming a day earlier than planned for the Christmas holidays, after some positive incidents.”

In the fifth season, Elizabeth Debicki will play Princess Diana, Imelda Stouton will play the role of Queen Elizabeth, and Dominic West will play Prince Charles.

The cast also includes Jonathan Pryce (Prince Phillip), Lesley Manville (Princess Margaret), and Jonny Lee Miller (John Major).

200 props stolen from the crown | Celebrities

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