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Where was this Miami Dolphins team all season?

The dolphin (5-7), who started seasons 1-7, was warming up recently. However, Miami played the first full match of the season on Sunday. Dominate the Carolina Panthers at all stages of 33-10 wins..

Miami’s defenses were stingy, and Come Newton looked like a retired quarterback. And the attack was efficient with Tua Tagovailoa in the quarterback, Offers his fourth 100+ passer rating games for the 2021 season.

Here are some points Sunday dolphin victory:

Miami wins four straight wins

With the Dolphins defeating the Panthers, Miami has five wins and five games left in the season. Winning the New York Giants (4-7) next Sunday could put dolphins in the wild card playoff berth mix at AFC. This is immeasurable given that Miami started 1-7. No matter how you slice it, the four consecutive wins in the NFL are impressive. — Omar Kelly

Jaelan Phillips keeps getting hot

Former Miami University’s outstanding Dolphins, selected for the 18th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, offered the first three-bag game of his young career, bringing the season to a total of 6.5 bags in the remaining five games. The interesting thing about Philips Hot Streak is that he is used as a pass rush specialist rather than an all-down linebacker. This means that his opportunities are limited.

Brian Flores proves he is a good coach later in the season

Dolphins got off to a slow start each year in the three seasons of Flores and gained momentum later in the year. Miami won five of the last nine games of 2019. The Dolphins started 1-3 in 2020 and won five straight games before the end of Season 10-6. This season, the dolphins rebounded from the start of 1-7 and won four games in a row.

Duke Riley continues to feel his presence

Riley, an off-season song played primarily on special teams earlier this season, was used in last month’s defensive game plan to play positively for dolphins. Riley, used in three inside linebacker packages specially created by Dolphins to scramble quarterbacks, provided Carolina with three tackles. He also blocked Justin Coleman’s recovered punt and scored the first score in the game.

Dolphins hurry 100 yards again

Dolphins performed more than 100 lashing yards for the fourth time this season against the Panthers, winning 112 lashing yards with 39 carries. And given that the dolphins put 115 on the ground against Jets, it was Miami’s second consecutive game in a hurry over 100 yards.

Jayren Waddle offers half of 100 yards

Waddle had a steadily productive rookie season, but Dolphins’ first round of 2021 picked nine passes at 137 yards on Sunday and broke out until he recorded one touchdown. Did not offer the game. Waddle contributed 101 of these yards in the first half, proving that he needs to participate in the Offensive Blue Key of the Year conversation.

Phillip Lindsay contributes to his first game as a dolphin

Former Pro Bowl talent Lindsay, who claimed that Dolphins had abandoned the exemption wire last week, took part in one walkthrough and one practice with Dolphins before playing the game on Sunday, with 12 carries. Contributed 42 yards. Most of it came with a mop-up obligation when the dolphins were running out of time, but overall it’s a good start for an imminent free agent trying to impress future employers.

Xavien Howard has been the NFL leader in interception since joining the league.

Intercept Howard in the first half pulled back to 16 yards, making him the fastest NFL player to record 25 intercepts in games since 1990 (67). Marcus Peters was a former record holder and won his 25th pick in his 68th career game. ..

Dolphin defense makes Camnewton look washed away

Dolphin defense ended Newton’s honeymoon with the Panthers. Newton made two intercepts with his three-quarters of work, a 5 of 21 at 92 yards, but was eventually replaced by the former XFL’s outstanding PJ Walker in the fourth quarter. rice field. Newton finished the game with a 5.8 passer rating. This was the fifth worst passer rating against Dolphins since 1970.

Justin Coleman records his fourth career touchdown

Coleman has roughly started his term as a dolphin, but cornerbacks have been going well lately. This week, the cornerback of the Dime Package did not lower the passcut, but he took a blocked punt return due to a touchdown. This was the fourth time the defender had recorded a touchdown in his seven-year career.

By the way, who is the top of UM’s rookie first round pick pass slasher?

Defensive end Gregory Rousseau drafted 2021 after a fierce start with three sack, intercept, four tackles (TFL) and three quarterback hits (QBH) in Buffalo’s 4-1 start. Was selected as the 30th place. The University of Miami has cooled down. Meanwhile, Miami’s 18th-placed wand alum, Gellan Phillips, has been on fire after performing context-sensitive missions in the first two career games. In the 10 games since then, Phillips has been terrorized by losing 6.5 sack, 14 quarterback hits and 5 tackles. Bills plays one less game, but Rousseau still has three sack. — Steve Svekis

Emmanuel Ogba’s stunning pass bat streak continues

Ogba extended his amazing game streak to seven with a batting pass in the third quarter deflection of the Come Newton Pass in the end zone. He has eight NFL-leading bats, which matches the number of league leaders in 2018. In the context of streaks, during JJ Watt’s Monster 2012, which had 15 bats, the longest streak he had was 3 games. Ogba made friends on Sunday, and pass slasher friends Phillips, Zackzieler, and Adam Butler got the pass.

Healthy Raekwon Davis and Rand Defense make a leap forward

Dolphins have allowed a rush of 84.4 yards per game over the last seven years. In that time frame, Miami allowed the most lanyards in the game to be 102 (Jets and Bills). How sturdy is that 84.4 number? Throughout the season, the NFL’s top two land defenses were the Buccaneers, enabling microscopic 78.4 rushyards and 88.6 Ravens per game. And suddenly, the dolphins have the ninth best run defense in the NFL with 104.9 yards allowed per game.

Catch up with the talented 2021 draft top 10 pick receivers

Tua Tagovailoa was great when he led the attack to 26 points. The most exciting aspect is his continued dedication with Jaylen Waddle, including a beautiful path to hit his fellow Alabama teammates for the electrical benefit of 57 yards. The rookie is in the middle of a race to aim for the best rookie WR in this year’s NFL. He is still chasing Ja’Marr Chase on the 5th pick. Ja’Marr Chase has 50 receptions, 8 touchdowns and over 18 yards per catch in Bengals. But even given the happy nature of today’s NFL pass, Waddle has piled up a huge rookie season, with 77 receptions at 759 yards and four touchdowns for former Alabama teammates. I’m away from Devonta Smith. Smith has 48 catches at 686 yards and 4 scores in the Eagles in Philadelphia.

Tour received a positive stock market revision in the second quarter

Tagovairoa participated in the Panthers match with a 94.1 passer rating in the first quarter and excellent ratings of 105.5 and 105.0 in the third and fourth quarters, respectively. But in the second quarter, in his Bermuda Triangle, 67.4 appeared in the game. However, he fired at Carolina in the next 15 minutes, completing 11 of the 126-yard 14 passes and a touchdown pass. Its 128.0 passer rating on Sunday raised the number of seasons in the second quarter to a much healthier 79.5.

Pass Rush was a half beat in the first half of the season, but now it’s not

When the dolphins were 1-7 years old, they had a lot of pressure, but only 12 bags. After that, the switch flicked and 16 sack occurred during the winning streak. Raised the per-game sack rate from 1.50 after the first 8 games to 2.33 per current game. Dolphins will be in the top half of the league in their statistics after being in the bottom three after a match at Buffalo.

Returning a punt by Jaylen Waddle or Jevon Holland seems to be risky but minimally rewarding.

The New York Giants tried this stupidity with Jason Sehorn, a young and outstanding cornerback, in a 1998 exhibition game. He worked on returning the kick-off and blew his knees away. Do return games have the benefit of endangering Waddle and the Netherlands with an average of less than 7 yards per return? Protect them and bring a reliable but low value ball catcher back there.

Dolphin 2022 opponent updated

Dolphins are fairly safely trapped in the 3rd place team in the AFC East, so take a look at the latest information on the 2022 three-variable matchup. At home and on the road, Miami faces the annual Troika against the Buffalo Bills of the New England Patriots. And the New York Jets. Of the eight other matches established for next season, Dolphins will play home games against the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. Three of them are 2020 playoff teams with the potential to launch a new full-time quarterback. The eighth home game will face the AFC South team and finish in response to the eastern dolphins. The team is either the Houston Texans or the Jacksonville Jaguar, each with 2-9 records. Houston owns a tiebreaker, but the team is still playing in Jacksonville among the remaining seven teams.

Dolphins will play a total of nine games in the finals against the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Bolchmo Ravens (which may be wasting the benefits of nine home games this year). A two-variable match (again based on Miami’s corresponding division finish) will play against AFC West and NFC West. The AFC West is tighter than the drums, with Kansas City leading 7-4, the Los Angeles Chargers 6-4, the Las Vegas Raiders 6-5, and Denver Broncos 5-5. So, as of Sunday’s 4 pm window, dolphins will be traveling to Las Vegas for the third year in a row, but there’s still a lot of work to be done there. The San Francisco 49ers are the 3rd place playoff team in the NFC West area, with a 2 game behind the 2nd place and a 2 game behind the 4th place.

Is the Eagles chosen by Miami and higher than Miami in the first round?

The Dolphins victory on Sunday pushed Eagles-owned Miami 2022’s first rounder (which simply represented the first pick of the draft) to 10th place. The Forty-niners played Minnesota in the 4 pm window. If you lose the Viking, the 49ers picks owned by the dolphins can reach 13. If the Vikings win on Sunday and Washington wins on Monday, these positions could be shimmy up to 9th and 12th. The 49ers travel on the road to confront the Bengals, Titans, Rams, and Seahawks. There, dolphins play the saints and Titans on the road. In San Francisco, a home contest between the Texans and the Atlanta Falcons is planned. Meanwhile, in Miami, we have the rest of the Home Tilt schedule (and a week’s vacation) to play against the Giants, Jets and Patriots.

On the deck: New York Giants, Hard Rock Stadium, Sunday, 1:00 pm

In the season when dolphins play against the six teams with the fewest wins (Saints: 6, Jaguars: 5, Buccaneers: 5, Panthers: 4, Texans: 2, Giants: 2), the Giants represent their opponents with two wins. Those who have only are the most mysterious. The dolphin played nine games against G-Men (winning 22.2% of the game) and the series began with a 23-13 victory during the undefeated season of 1972, which was the first 24 years in Miami. It was the only match in. alliance. The only other dolphin victory came in 2003.

20 things I learned from defeating the Carolina Panthers at 33-10 in the Miami Dolphins – Reading Eagle

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