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2 Robbery held without bail due to murder of Los Angeles police officer | Nationwide

Los Angeles (AP) —Two gang members charged with robbery and murder Off-duty Los Angeles Police Department The judge ruled on Friday that he would remain under federal control without bail.

27-year-old Fernando Arroyos was hit deadly on Monday at 9:15 pm in an unincorporated area in southern Los Angeles County on the territory of the Florencia 13 (F13) gang.

The suspect allegedly targeted him because he had two silver chains or necklaces around his neck.

Officials say Arroyos was going to buy a house with his girlfriend when the pickup truck was approaching. There were several suspects, debates, and a shootout between the perpetrators and the police. Arroyos was shot once. His girlfriend wasn’t injured.

Defendants have been charged with violent crimes that encouraged assault, as the crimes were allegedly committed to encourage gangsters, officials said.

The suspect is known as “Lil J”, 29 years old, Luis Alfredo de la Rosa Rios, allegedly a member of the gang. Ernest Cisneros (22 years old) known as “Gonzo” and Jesse Contreras (34 years old) known as “Skinny Jack” and “Fraco”. Rios’ girlfriend, 18-year-old Haley Marie Grisham, is considered a gangster companion.

Rios and Contreras have been ordered to hold without bail on Friday and will return to federal court on January 28, according to the US law firm in Los Angeles.

Their lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday night.

Grisham will appear in court on Tuesday. Cisneros has been admitted to the hospital because he was injured during the attack, and it is unknown when he will appear in court. It was not immediately clear if there was a lawyer who could speak for them.

All four were detained on Wednesday.

According to officials, Rios and Cisneros were allegedly robbed and shot of Arroyos and his girlfriend, but all four suspects were on the scene and involved in the crime.

According to the Federal Affidavit, Florencia 13 is a Latin street gang founded in the early 1950s and based in the Florence-Firestone district of South LA. Violent groups control drug trafficking in the area and are allegedly monitored by the Mexican Mafia.

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2 Robbery held without bail due to murder of Los Angeles police officer | Nationwide

Source link 2 Robbery held without bail due to murder of Los Angeles police officer | Nationwide

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