142 more as hospitalizations decrease

The number of new COVID-19 cases in Berks County remained high on Saturday due to the surge in delta variants, but hospitalizations declined sharply after a few days of increase.

According to Pennsylvania, Burkes added 142 COVID cases for the second consecutive day. Ministry of Health dashboard update, Pushes the pandemic total to 53,989.

Delta surges ended their 11th week in Burkes and Pennsylvania and all lasted winter, with the exception of the worst surges. The surge began to subside in the 12th week.

When the Delta Surge began, Burkes’ pandemic total was close to 48,500, and in a few cases 50,000 seemed far away.

The surge is waning because of much of the rest of the country.

latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention number It shows a 7-day case average of 117,066, down from the 160,218 delta variant peak for 7 days on September 1.

In Burkes, the average number of cases for 7 days increased by 2 to a delta high of 128, but remained at 124 for 14 days.

There were 566 tests and 142 new cases occurred. The case has a delta date record of 152.

Daily updates are aggregates of previous day’s results (Friday in this case).

Each new case is a new person who tested positive. The average smoothes out uneven reports of test results.

On weekend days, test processing and death records are slowed down, and Tuesday’s report has some catch-up elements.

NS Health department is currently tracking COVID cases Among people under the age of 18, they surged about 11 times the number a year ago.

At Burkes, the latest data showed 246 cases in the week leading up to September 21, or more than a quarter of the county’s weekly total. Since the state began publishing statistics on August 16, there have been a total of more than 900 cases in Burkes between school-age and preschool children.

In the same week, across Pennsylvania, there were approximately 9,100 cases of children under the age of 18, more than one in four in total.

Other barks data

In COVID hospitalization, Burkes dropped from 67 patients to 60 patients on Saturday with a dashboard update, eight of whom were in the intensive care unit.

Burke’s total was almost back at 59:00 at the beginning of the week. The largest number of hospitalized people was 75. The number of ICU patients has decreased by four.

It is unclear whether part of the decrease in patient numbers is due to death.

Reading Hospital Updates Dashboard weekday. It provides clues to the number of deaths displayed in the number of coroners in Berks County and the number of deaths in the state.

Coroners recorded 31 deaths in September, most of them since 32 in May, and 20 were hospitalized, most of them in Reading. However, Reading handles most of the COVID hospitalizations at Burks.

Reading has also discharged more than 20 patients in the past week.

Penn State Health St. Joseph Update Dashboards on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The state dashboard added two COVID deaths on Saturday, bringing the total number of Burks inhabitants to 1,085. The total coroner pandemic remained 1,026 dead within Burkes.

Deputy coroner John M. Hollenbach recently updated the dead on Tuesdays and Fridays.

In a pandemic, coroners recorded the deaths of dozens of residents of other counties who did not participate in Burkes’ state treasurer.

Coroners report the death when it occurs, and the state reports the death when the documents arrive at the recording office by email or mail.

Pennsylvania statistics

A Saturday health sector dashboard update showed an increase of 4,966 COVID cases in the state, making it the top 10 days of Delta Serge.

The total number of state pandemics was close to 1.41 million.

With a population of approximately 429,000, Burks has 3.3% of the state’s population. On Saturday, Burkes had 2.9% of Pennsylvania cases.

Most of the delta surges in the southeastern part of the state have the most cases in the most populous sections, including Burks. But last week, the southwestern part of Pittsburgh was pulled further.

Throughout Pennsylvania, Saturday COVID hospitalizations increased further, with an increase of 33 cases. Another delta record is set for 2,677 inpatients, of whom 662 are in the ICU.

ICU numbers were flat.

Pennsylvania bottomed out with 243 COVID patients in early July. Since then, there has been an almost 11-fold increase.

A state-wide dashboard update resulted in 64 new COVID deaths, including two in Burks, bringing the total pandemic to 29,128.


The number of COVID vaccinations completed by Burks increased by 305 to 204,039 on Saturday. The number of partial vaccinations increased by 79 to a total of 22,678.

Throughout the state, the number of completed vaccinations increased by about 9,000, approaching 6.19 million.

On Thursday, the number of partially vaccinated people across Pennsylvania fell by more than 6,000. On Saturday, it increased by 7,451 to a total of 716,975.

That number usually fluctuates by hundreds. Those who receive a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna products will transition completely.

Partial numbers are an indicator of whether the number of people who started the process is catching up with the number of people who have completed the process. Approximately 8% of completed vaccinations are Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccines.

Health department did not deal Read eagle Questions about the rapid fluctuations in partial totals in the state, or questions about the totals completed by Burks decreased by hundreds in the middle of the week.

The total of the third shot of the immune vulnerable state at Burkes was up to 1,712 with the addition of 68. A total of 79,256 such doses were further 4,110 times across Pennsylvania.

The Ministry of Health initially estimated that immunocompromised individuals would need to be given an additional nearly 300,000 doses throughout the state.

In the demographic breakdown of vaccinations, Burkes is fully vaccinated in 55.7% of the population over the age of 18. Women lead men by 57.4% to 50.1%. Women are expanding their leads.

The same state-wide statistics show that 56.9% of the population over the age of 18 is fully vaccinated, with women accounting for 59.3% to 52.2%.

Women lead by a large margin in most places, while men lead only in two less populated counties. In Forest County, 69.1% to 56.8% are men. In Green County, men lead 43.6% to 42.9%.

Overall, the younger age group is below the state average for vaccination completion. It changes after age 50, when the Burks senior group is above the state average.

CDC statistics

CDC I’m reporting The inhabitants of 222,424 Burks were fully inoculated.

The numbers from the CDC are also unique. On Thursday, 220,952 was listed as complete, but on Friday it dropped to 220,066, and on Saturday there was an extraordinary surge of over 2,100.

The number of completed numbers usually increases by hundreds every day and cannot be decreased. There were no comments from the CDC.

Other Burkes Statistics from the latest CDC update:

  • 880: Cases of the last 7 days
  • 208.9: Case rate per 100,000
  • 9.5%: Positive rate

CDC number and state on Saturday Early Warning Monitoring Dashboard View and adjust each COVID case data for the week ending Thursday.

The dashboard showed that Burkes added 100 cases that week, with 173.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and a positive rate of 9.7%.

The same number from the CDC was an additional 48 cases, 208.9 cases per 100,000, 9.5%.


New case: 142

Total pandemic: 53,989

14-day average: 124

Death: State, 1,085; Coroner, 1,026

Complete vaccination: 222,424

142 more as hospitalizations decrease

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