135, 69 hospitalized, 6 dead

Berks County covered an additional 135 COVID-19 cases in a Thursday update to the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Pandemic Dashboard.

The total number of pandemic cases has increased to 56,622. The total daily top case for Delta Variant Serge was 191 on October 3rd. The surge is in the 14th week.

The dashboard update is the previous day’s accounting, in this case Wednesday. New cases are new people who test positive.

The average for 7 and 14 days was 132 and 140, respectively, which was almost flat from Wednesday.

The average smoothes out uneven reports of test results.

Berks County COVID Dashboard

The dashboard update killed six more Burks inhabitants, bringing the total pandemic to 1,119.

It is unknown if they died in Burkes.

The latest report from the county coroner’s office on Tuesday raised tolls within Burks to 1,056, but the total number of coroners also includes dozens of non-Barks residents.

The state does not provide details of death from COVID.


According to the state dashboard, the number of people admitted to Burks has increased to a total of 69, including 13 in the ICU. They were an increase of 8 and 3, respectively.

NS Read hospital dashboard updates On Thursday morning, the hospital had 39 patients, 5 received intensive care, 6 were discharged, and it was shown that there were no deaths in the last 24 hours.

latest Penn State Health Dashboard Update The St. Joseph Medical Center provided this information:

• 14 adult patients who are not fully vaccinated. Six of them are on critical care and three are on ventilator.

• Two fully vaccinated patients and one are receiving critical care.

Complete vaccination is 2 weeks after the last dose, but complete vaccination is not less than that.

Throughout the four hospitals in Pennsylvania State Health:

• 118 patients. Of these, 73 are not fully vaccinated and 25 are fully vaccinated.

• 20 patients whose vaccination status is unknown. Of these, four are in the intensive care unit and three are on the ventilator.

the system, Reading Eagle The “Unknown Status” group is not focused on either being fully vaccinated or not being fully vaccinated. But nothing more is said. It is unknown how many people are in St. Joseph.

• 5 pediatric patients. Four of them are at the Hershey Medical Center and are not fully vaccinated. The fifth is likely to be “status unknown” and does not appear in any of the hospitals listed on the dashboard.

Penn State Health does not say whether the pediatrician is an unvaccinated teenager or a younger child who is not eligible for vaccination.

Due to the timing of hospital dashboard updates and state dashboard updates, it’s impossible to be more specific.


Pennsylvania added a total of 5,253 COVID cases in its Thursday update, bringing the total official pandemic to 1.5 million, or one in nine inhabitants.

Burkes accounted for 2.6% of state cases. The county has 3.3% of the state’s population.

After a delta record of 3,031 on Wednesday’s update, hospitalizations fell 53 to 2,978.

Of the total, 664 were in the ICU, down 14 from Wednesday.

Overall, Pennsylvania added 108 deaths in a Thursday update after Wednesday’s Delta record of 170.


Immunization remains slow in Burkes, but the latest dashboard updates show that the Pennsylvania-wide boom continues.

For Burkes vaccination, the dashboard totaled 209,469 and an additional 270 were completed.

The number of partial columns has increased by eight to 22,500, and there are 385 boosters for a total of 6,906.

An additional approximately 27,000 Pennsylvanians completed this process, resulting in a total of more than 6.33 million pandemics. The state has a population of about 13 million.

The number of partial columns increased by 1,214 to reach 765,967. This indicates that approximately 28,000 people have started the process since the partial transitioned to completion.

The number of boosters given continued to grow exponentially, with 17,992 taking the third shot, for a total of 312,485.

Completed numbers include everyone who has received a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or a first dose of Johnson & Johnson products. About 9% of the completed shots are J & J.

The significant increase in vaccinations throughout the state began about two weeks ago. When the delta surge struck in the summer, there was a surge in vaccination, but it was waning until recent employer obligations arose in some occupations.

CDC statistics

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention For Burkes, the total completed was 229,352...

The CDC total includes vaccinations at veterans’ sites and livelihood support facilities not recorded by the state. The CDC has not yet provided numbers for boosters.

Burke’s latest week:

• 945: Case

• 224.2: Cases per 100,000

• 10.2%: Positive

• 14: Death

• 42: New hospitalization

• 63.6%: Fully vaccinated

Pennsylvania’s latest week:

• 32,747: Case

• 447: Death

• 336: New hospitalization

• 68%: Fully vaccinated

Not all indicators are the same.

Earlier this week, Governor Tom Wolf’s office announced that 70% of the state’s eligible population had been fully vaccinated.

Officials said the nationwide downturn in COVID cases and deaths continued. The final figures from the late Columbus Day weekend report were submitted to the CDC by Thursday.

Latest numbers:

• 86,181: 7-day average of cases, 161,577, down from the September 1st delta peak.

• 1,252: 7-day average of death, Decreased from the 1,803 peak on September 15.


135: New case

56,622: Pandemic total

140: 14-day case average

1,119: Total state deaths

1,056: Total number of deaths of coroners

229,352: All fully vaccinated individuals

135, 69 hospitalized, 6 dead

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