121 new cases, 61 hospitalizations, 5 deaths

Berks County picked up an additional 121 COVID-19 cases in Wednesday’s update Pennsylvania Health Department Pandemic Dashboard..

The surge in delta variants continued until week 14 across Burks and Pennsylvania. This is the longest surge in an 18-month pandemic.

The total number of case pandemics increased to 56,487. The total number of top pandemic cases per day was 191 on October 3rd.

The dashboard update is the previous day’s accounting, in this case Tuesday. New cases are new people who test positive.

The 7-day and 14-day averages are 133 and 140, respectively, mitigating the recent delta highs of 146 and 143, respectively.

The average smoothes out uneven reports of test results. The test process fell on the Columbus Day weekend.

According to the dashboard, the number of hospitalized patients has improved, dropping to a total of 61, including 10 in the ICU.

NS Read hospital dashboard updates Clued on Wednesday: There have been nine discharges in the last 24 hours. The dashboard also showed a total of 41 patients, five in the ICU.

Penn State Health is normal Update St. Joseph’s dashboard The other three facilities in the system are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but not yet running at noon on Wednesday.

The delta top for Burks patients is 87 and the ICU top is 17. These recently happened on another day.

The state dashboard added five deaths to Burks residents, bringing the total pandemic to 1,113. It is unknown if they died in Burkes.

The latest report from the county coroner’s office on Tuesday raised tolls in Burkes to 1,056. At least 60 of them were not residents of Burks.

The state does not provide details of death from COVID.


Pennsylvania added a total of 5,012 COVID cases on Wednesday, bringing the total official pandemic to over 1.49 million and one in nine residents.

Experts say the actual number of COVID cases is likely to be two to three times the official total.

Burkes accounted for 2.4% of state cases. The county has 3.3% of the state’s population.

Although hospitalizations are low in Burkes, the state has set the delta mark for COVID patients at 3,031 in a health sector dashboard update. It has exceeded 3,001 since last week.

Of the total, 678 were in the ICU, which is still below the delta high of 696, which was set two weeks ago.

Overall, Pennsylvania added 170 COVID deaths in a dashboard update on Tuesday. This is the worst day of delta surge.

However, processing death reports is also slower on weekends and even slower on weekends on holidays, so there is a catch-up factor on the first day of returning to the normal work schedule.


Throughout Pennsylvania, employers’ obligations continued to explode the number of people starting the vaccination process, but Burkes did not reflect that broad trend.

An additional approximately 6,000 Pennsylvanians completed this process, resulting in a total of over 6.3 million pandemics. The state has a population of about 13 million.

The number of partial columns increased by 2,366 to reach 764,753. This indicates that approximately 8,300 people have started the process since the partial transitioned to completion.

The number of boosters given continued to grow exponentially, taking about 7,372 shots, for a total of 294,453 shots.

Completed numbers include everyone who has received a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or a first dose of Johnson & Johnson products. About 9% of the completed shots are J & J.

The significant increase in vaccinations throughout the state began about two weeks ago.

An additional 328 cases of Burkes vaccination were completed, bringing the total dashboard to 209,199.

The partial column decreased by 16 to 22,492, and there were 349 boosters, for a total of 6,521.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a more complete view of vaccination For Burks, the completed total It was 229,181.

The CDC, with a population of 429,000, shows Burks.

• 63.5%: 12 years and older are fully inoculated.

• 65.8%: Fully inoculated over 18 years old.

• 86.8%: Completely inoculated over age 65.

Other CDC statistics

Authorities said the CDC statistics were not complete due to the slow acquisition of results in some states, although the nationwide downturn in the COVID case continued.

Latest numbers:

• 85,196: 7-day average of cases, 161,577, down from the September 1st delta peak.

• 1,293: 7-day average of death, Decreased from 1,803 on September 15th.


121: New case

56,487: Pandemic total

140: 14-day case average

1,113: Total state deaths

1,056: Total number of deaths of coroners

229,181: All fully vaccinated individuals

121 new cases, 61 hospitalizations, 5 deaths

Source link 121 new cases, 61 hospitalizations, 5 deaths

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