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4 consecutive wins.

Go back to 5-7 of the year.

It could be a big December.

It’s fallout Dolphin’s dominant 33-10 victory over Carolina on Sunday At Hard Rock Stadium. The victory may not have been a surprise. But this is a one-sided victory??

Here are 10 ideas about the game:

1. Game player: Rookie receiver Jaylen Waddle. You can opt for the quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and that would be fine. This combination geared the attack against the top defense. Waddle caught nine of Tua’s passes at 137 yards (his first game over 100 yards) to power the drafted attack. Have you been waiting to see the speed of your waddle? There, Tagovairoa spent some time, showing some patience, and hitting a waddle halfway through a pass of about 10 yards was in the middle of the second quarter. Waddle took it from there. He turned it into a 57-yard gain, the only small surprise was that he was caught on the Carolina 14-yard line by cornerback Donte Jackson (4.32 speed in his NFL combine). Waddle was a Sunday star, winning five passes at 101 yards in the first half. His 9-yard touchdown catch was impressive as he crossed the goal line, found an open space in the Carolina zone and waited for Tua to deliver the ball. His previous numerically high games were 83 receive yards against Atlanta, or two touchdowns against Jacksonville.

2. Tagovairoa may have played the best match ever since Victory in Arizona on his first debut. There was a problem at the start. There were no games running, as the dolphins had 16 carries of 34 yards in half, two sack from Carolina’s strong rush in the first two series. However, he lifted the attack by completing 27 passes and a touchdown of 31 yards at 230 yards. This went against the NFL’s 2nd place defense in total yards and was 6th place by abandoning points. In other words, it was more than defeating Houston (24th in Baltimore) and New York Jets (32nd in Dead Last).

3. 3 pass cuts, 4 hits Defensive lineman, with five sack – where do you want to start with dolphin defensive domination? Let’s start here: 10 points. So in the last four weeks, Houston (9 points), Baltimore (10) and New York Jets (17) haven’t hit the Dolphins defense. This was h ..

4. Game stats: Jaelan Phillips finished on Sunday with three sack. This is almost half of 6.5 in the season. Therefore, three newcomers were shining on Sunday. Waddle, Phillips and Jevan Holland.

5. Carolina Quarterback Come Newton Completed 5 of 21 passed 92 yards and was intercepted twice. Dolphin defense helped him look like a man who could hardly find a job for the year. He threw a series of passcuts to Jevan Holland and Xavien Howard in the first half. He completed three of the 84 yards of 15 passes in the first half and earned a rating of 10. The long pass, a 64-yard reception to DJ Moore, would have been overthrown or a simple touchdown.

6. When scrambling due to personnel changes A mid-season position means either 1) injured or 2) misjudging talent. Return the running back status to 2). After Duke Johnson was picked up last week, he was promoted from the practice team for a match. This week, Phillip Lindsay was exempt from Houston and ran 12 times at 42 yards. Given that this runnig game isn’t played much, this is a healthy output. Myles Gaskin ran 16 times at 49 yards. In his first play, Lindsay seemed to be heading in the wrong direction, breaking the first down and putting the series at three risks. I’m hoping for such a moment from the guy who signed on Wednesday, walked through on Thursday, and practiced on Friday. However, as shown in the 8 and 9 yard runs in the second half, he can provide a punch for attacks that require some in a running game.

7. A special team gives … and They rob. The good points were very good. Duke Riley ran free and blocked the punt in a scoreless game. Justin Coleman picked it up at Carolina’s two-yard line and ran for a touchdown. This is a play that tilts the game that this special team did a lot last year and didn’t do much this year. Bad: Carolina’s attack struggled and became a punt after the first possession in the second half. A snap was made directly to Safety Sean Chandler. Andrew Van Ginkel seemed to be in charge of the left edge of the Dolphins, but Chandler ran around it at 14 yards and the first down.

8. “Wait a minute, Gentleman, wait a minute. In those words from referee John Hassy, ​​the dolphin stopped moving to the locker room just before half, after what the misfortune was. With 12 seconds remaining and the ball on Carolina’s 27-yard line, a central Austin lighter shotgun snap crossed Tua’s head. Carolina linebacker Frankie Lube finally arrived at Carolina’s 49-yard line and returned to Miami 23. At first it looked like the clock had run out, but he said, “Wait a minute.” The Dolphins field goal attempt could have been halved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instead, Carolina kicked a field goal to make it 21-10.

9. Quick take:

* Carolina running back Christian McCaffrey rolled his ankle in the first half and tried to play in the second half, but didn’t. The Panthers’ only offensive threat was 10 carries at 35 yards.

* Jason Sanders’ Extra Point Streak ended at 69 with a mistake in the third quarter. It was the longest active streak in the league.

* Durham Smythe, a tight end with only one-time blocking, caught 5 times at 32 yards, and Mike Geshitsuki caught 3 times at 17 yards.

* New England moved to 8-4, beating Ryan Tannehill and Tennessee.

10. Next week: Dolphin New York Giants. When Joe Judge takes the struggling Giants to town, two chips meet from the Bill Belichick tree. The judge fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett last week. GM’s Dave Gettleman, judge and quarterback Daniel Jones are all currently under attack. The Giants (3-7) played against Philadelphia on Sunday.

10 Thoughts on Dolphin’s Dominant 33-10 Winning the Panthers – Reading Eagle

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