10 Best Gym Essentials For Your Home Gym

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If going to the gym has become a staple routine of your daily life, then the COVID-19 restrictions might have put a toll on your fitness routine. You might have thought to have your gym at home to go anytime you like without being stopped with some restrictions or worrying you might catch a sickness.

However, putting up a gym at home might be costly and will require quite a lot of space in your home. If you can’t afford one of the 10 best treadmills on the market (2021 updated) today, there are still other options you can choose from. Hence, this is why you must know the essential equipment you can include in your home gym and stick to it. Following are the top ten gym equipment that you must have.


Dumbbells are good home gym equipment to have. They are enough to supply and support weight lifting routines at home. Make sure that you are packing your home gym with different weights of dumbbells and making sure that you choose only the weight range suitable for your level. Your goal here is to have all the necessary weights for your routine and ignore others you do not need.

You need to take into account the space you are allocating for your home gym. Is it huge? or is it small? If you think space could not handle a lot of equipment, you must only incorporate the necessary equipment for your workout routine. You can have around three to five sets of weights at your home gym. Opt for hex-shaped dumbbells with a rubber coating as these are the most durable ones and will last longer. It is also the most comfortable one to use.

Pull Up Bar

Having a pull-up bar at home can be convenient as it can be equipment that can work on your arms, shoulders, and back. It is also good space-saving equipment as you can install it on the ceiling. Having a pull-up bar alone will give you a different range of possible exercise routines that you can do at home.

You can use the pull-up bars to improve your flexibility and stamina. It can as well strengthen your core and work on your different muscle groups. You will have to be more creative in making a routine to put your home pull-up bar into good use.

Resistance Bands

A resistance band is an effective tool to support you in achieving an excellent overall workout routine without needing huge space. It is good equipment that is good for your resistance training routine and will not require ample space in your home gym for storage.

You can slide it on your drawer, place it on top of your table, or even hang it on your wall. You can have a good home exercise experience even only with a resistance band. It is also an excellent tool to aid you in losing weight.

Exercise Mat

An exercise mat is another staple in a home gym. Even if you do not have a personal gym at home, owning an exercise mat is something you need to consider. For individuals who are into fitness, having an exercise mat can comfort and safety during workout routines. Without an exercise mat, planking and push-ups can be very difficult.

Additionally, you can start trying out yoga at home if you have an exercise mat lying around. Not only can you have a healthy physique, but you can as well get inner peace and relaxation. Once you have an exercise mat around, you will love and enjoy working out, even more, knowing you will not slip and get injured.

Rowing Machine

For a time, the rowers were banished to the gym graveyard alongside the zumba class (or gathering dust in your home). However, this maligned piece of gym equipment is experiencing a resurgence, thanks in large part to its aerobic-boosting, muscle-strengthening, and fat-burning properties.

Its revival has been fueled by the introduction of group rowing classes, which initially appeared on the other side of the Atlantic and are now available in gyms and fitness studios.

Plyo Box

A plyo box is good support in every workout. It can provide support and guidance during squats and any other leg exercises. It can also be best to use for bench dips and jumping exercises. You can purchase soft plyo boxes or make your own using wood. You can check some do-it-yourself instructions on how you can make your plyo box for your home gym.

It cannot also occupy huge space in your home gym, but you must ensure to store it by stacking one plyo box to the other. If you have used a plyo box before, you already know how useful it is to help you fulfill your exercise routine.


When you say fitness gym, the first piece of equipment that will indeed appear in your mind is a barbell. And in fact, a gym is not complete without a barbell. The same goes for your home gym. If you want to experience a complete 360 gym vibe, you must install a barbell at home.

The barbell is better than those gym machines due to the coordination and stabilization it provides to your workout routine. Choose a barbell that is not too expensive yet not too cheap. As long as it is quality material and that is sturdy enough, then it is good enough.

Medicine Ball

Another item that can provide you great weight during strength training is a medicine ball. This ball is referred to as a medicine ball because it is also used for rehabilitation and is quite helpful in sports medicine to help individuals improve their neuromuscular coordination and strength.

A medicine ball can accompany you during your abdominal exercise, but this piece of equipment can give you many options. When purchasing a medicine ball, choose a softer version for you to use in catching or throwing it. When it comes to weight, go for a lighter one as medicine ball exercises require speed and power. If your medicine ball is heavy, it can slow you down.

Gym Ball

Another reliable ball that can be of great help during exercise is a gym ball. A gym ball or also referred to as a yoga ball is a soft and elastic ball that usually measures 5 to ten-centimeter increments. This ball is used for exercises that can make your body strong and stretchable. A gym ball can as well improve your stability and balance.

Jump Rope

A jump rope is very reliable exercise equipment that can be used on or outside the gym. It is excellent cardio equipment that can help you lose weight by burning the calories you intake. It can also help improve speed, heart health, coordination and can strengthen your bones.

Ready, Set-up!

Now that you know what equipment you will need at your home gym, you are now ready to start making it a reality. Start purchasing the said gym equipment and enjoy your exercise routines comfortably at home.

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